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Flying car AeroMobil raises further investment to target Asian market

Flying car AeroMobil raises further investment to target Asian market

A month on from its previous round of funding, flying car startup AeroMobil has secured a fresh injection of capital from InfraPartners Management (IPM). The terms of the investment were not disclosed.

The Slovakian company is developing a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) flying vehicle that it claims it will deliver to customers by 2020. Prices per vehicle will be between €1.2 million and €1.5 million.

With the new investor’s help, AeroMobil will take its flying car on an investment roadshow in Asia with a particular focus on South Korea and China, where IPM has a regional presence. It is headquartered in London...

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Diabetes app mySugr acquired by drugmaker Roche

Diabetes app mySugr acquired by drugmaker Roche

Austrian healthtech startup, mySugr, which makes a diabetes management app, has been acquired by Swiss medical multinational Roche. No terms for the deal were announced.

The Vienna-based startup was purchased 100% by the Swiss health industry giant. The app’s tech will help inform Roche’s digital strategy for the diabetes market moving forward. “[The deal] means that we, people with diabetes, will be in the driver’s seat, supported by the global leader in diabetes therapy,” said mySugr in a statement. mySugr will continue to operate on its own.

The app is used by diabetics to track their condition in between doctor visits. It has one million users globally.

Prior to the acquisition, Roche’s venture fund had invested in the startup...

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Resonant Voices Regional Hackathon

Resonant Voices Regional Hackathon

Do you have an idea that can help tackle dangerous narratives and messages disseminated online in the Western Balkans?

Join forces with other activists, designers, developers and researchers from the #WesternBalkans to counter violent extremist propaganda and recruitment online.
Apply now to the #RVHackathon in Durrës, Albania!

CIJA US joined forces with BIRN and Talks 2.0, to challenge extremist narratives in the public discourse throughout the Western Balkans – in particular those disseminated online – and to equip critical voices in the target countries with the skills, know-how and resources to counter radicalization, the recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters and violent extremists and other dangerous trends...

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Be part of the digital financial transformation, fintech revolution and cryptocurrency movement that is happening to the world.

Use this opportunity to grow professionally and cement your future for the next 30 years. One partner in our ecosystem wants to hire several Developers/Programmers (up to 5) for its regional technology hub in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Their skills requirements must be:

Objective PHP HTML5/CSS3 Javascript jQuery SQL

Optional skills: Linux, Hana Cloud Platform, Apache C++; C# Java Solidity

We don’t expect that you will know all of this, but at least some good part of it.

What we cherish more than anything is hard work, properness and willingness to learn.

Our candidates are expected to work with us at our premises in Slovenia, Ljubljana but also they can work remotely fr...

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How Europe’s biggest economy is uniting its tech hubs to dethrone Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is by far the most successful tech hub on the planet. However, European and Asian cities have started gaining on the startup mecca — so much so, that you could even say Europe has become better than SV.

But as we’ve pointed out, Europe isn’t one large monolithic block, each country and city has it’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to startups. If we truly want to understand European startup ecosystems better, we’ll need to take a more in-depth look at each country.

That’s why TNW contacted Brigitte Zypries, Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, to get more information about how Germany — one of Europe’s biggest and most influential economies — plans on stimulating it’s startup scene.

Why only have one ‘Silicon Valley’ when you can...

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Mark Zuckerberg Should Really Listen to Himself

TWELVE YEARS AFTER DROPPING out of Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg returned to campus—a few years older, a few commas richer—and delivered a commencement speech that expressed a radically different vision of his purpose in life from the one he spelled out in instant messages sent from the dorm room where it all started. The Facebook founder’s address started boilerplate enough, with Zuckerberg centering his talk around the importance of purpose, which, for him, is the nonthreatening concept of “connecting the world,” his longtime hobbyhorse. He urged the graduating class not to underestimate the impact of small actions and the importance of working toward a greater good.

But then Zuckerberg ventured out of his comfort zone...

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8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health

8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health

We hear all the time about how technology is bad for us. Since the introduction of computers, we spend more time sitting at a desk than moving around at work. We have created this sedentary lifestyle that is causing havoc in our overall life.

What if I were to tell you that technology has produced benefits? Would you believe me if I said that technology is good for your health?

Most of you wouldn’t look at first. Well, you may be able to think of a couple of ways that the computer has helped, but you are still stuck on all the negatives that ‘experts’ have shared in the past. The problem with the ‘experts’ is that they are only focused on the negatives. They haven’t looked at so many of the benefits.

So, that’s what we’ll do today...

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New cassette player aims to resurge tape culture

New cassette player aims to resurge tape culture

Lithuanian concept Elbow hopes to get users back in love with tapes with a novel and stylish device that plays cassettes without any housing.

Vinyl is a medium that’s always had a fan base regardless of the emergence of CDs and digital music. A combination of nostalgic romance and modern concepts like the smart turnable (which digitises the medium via Spotify streaming and internet sharing) and a service turning MP3s into wax show just how much the medium is cherished. But the trusty old tape has been less fortunate and banished to the attic for most. Elbow is hoping to change that.

Designed by Lithuanian audiovisual design outfit BrainMonk, Elbow’s incredibly minimal design eradicates all the housing of traditional players and clips ov...

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Europe’s Surprising Tech Success

Europe’s Surprising Tech Success

BRUSSELS – Europe is often viewed as a digital laggard, running far behind the frontier-pushing United States and Asia. But appearances are deceiving. In fact, according to a new report by the London venture capital firm Atomico, European startups are now taking the lead in artificial intelligence, building new tech hubs, and drawing investment from traditional industrial stalwarts. Last year, a record-setting $13.6 billion was invested in Europe’s tech sector, compared with $2.8 billion in 2011.

Gone are the days when Europe’s “tech” sector largely comprised consumer-oriented e-commerce businesses – often blatant knockoffs of successful US companies...

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