Enterprise Academy

Enterprise Academy helps you build up the knowledge and skills needed to fully maximize the benefit Enterprise Support. The program offers learning content and services in several formats, supporting different learning styles and needs, from ad hoc problem solving to structured, long-term knowledge acquisition.
Whether you want to set up your own business or succeed in an existing organization, the skills and experience you gain at the Enterprise Academy will kick start your dream career.
The curriculum at the Academy is based on a philosophy of ‘learning by doing’. The Academy was made up of guest speakers, master classes and workshops – truly bringing the boardroom to the classroom! Our tutors possess actual business knowledge. Plus local, national and international firms offer not only their time, but also real-life business expertise and networking opportunities to our students and graduates.
In the Academy students take part in:

  • Guru lectures and workshops
  • Business visits and networking events
  • A mentor program with professionals
  • Internships with local employers