Innovation HUB Incubator & Co working space


The Incubation process will begin when the incubator’s first clients are admitted and the incubation process starts. The Incubator, in cooperation with Cluster’s partners will provide advisory and consulting services, marketing and financial support. The Incubator will provide the access to residents in exchange for free of charge informative seminars or preliminary consultations. They also will have the access to professional service, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

The Incubator will provide each entrepreneur with an area that incubatees needs. By providing the residents with an area that meets their current needs, it is possible for them to allocate scarce financial resources to other value-added services.

The Incubator, in cooperation with project’s partners will provide –either directly or through third party providers- professional advisory and consulting services for its residents. The Incubator will be supported by the Virtual incubation serving clients as a virtual facility or resource within the Internet and provide services within an e-learning methodology.

  • Lead Generation
  • Pre-Incubation
    Pre-incubation relates to the overall activities needed to support the potential entrepreneur in developing his business idea, business model and business plan, to boost the chances to arrive to an effective start‐up creation. It usually implies a first assessment of the idea, training, and direct oneto-one assistance necessary to put the client in the conditions to write a fully complete business plan. University‐affiliated incubators are usually pre-incubators.
  • Incubation
    Incubation concerns the support given to the entrepreneur from the start‐up to the expansion phase. Typically this is a mid‐term process, lasting usually for the first three years of activity of the newly established company, which are the years in which it is safe to say whether the new venture is successful and has a good chance to develop into a fully mature company. The actions activated generally are access to finance, direct coaching and mentoring services, as well as hosting services and specific training. Therefore physical incubation, although a very important service, is a subset of the overall incubation process.
  • Growth Services
    – Create opportunity for technology transfer
    – Create investment opportunity
    – Generate sustainable income for the organisation
    – Diversify economic base Bolster tax base
    – Complement existing programmes
    – Utilise vacant facilities Strengthen service and instructional mission
    – Capitalist investment opportunity Create good will between institution and community
    – Product development.

Coworking space

The coworking spase is oriented to established practitioners that are not lokking for incubation support, but need the right innovative hub and the proper professional community and spirit of collaoration. Gathering heterogeneous and complementary individuals will help in enhancing creativity and cross sectorial innovation.

  • Space
    Entrepreneurs can now get the same or better amenities from a co-working space. These communal offices are an affordable solution to a private office, and offer perks that working in a solo office doesn’t.
  • Community
    The goal of the coworking space is to bring smart, driven and like-minded people together and let them network, learn and feed off each other in a safe and productive environment.
  • Support
    The support given to freelancers goes from on demand access to conference rooms: 
    – Book by the half-hour through our website or mobile app
    – Rooms of all sizes; perfect for 1:1 interviews, small group sessions, and even larger board meetings
    – Fully connected with TVs, wireless screen projection, speakerphones, and whiteboardsTo Connect and collaboration among members across the network: 
    – Network with like-minded entrepreneurs
    – Promote your services and find new clients
    – Search for business and service listings that can help your business grow
    – Stay up to date on upcoming community events
  • Network
    The Network events will serve as meeting and talking sections by gathering organizations and actors from the respective disciplines of the Digital Economy. Participants will discuss, exchange opinions and experiences through the technical panels during the Forums, workshops and conferences.
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