Innovation HUB Industry Cluster

The National Cluster, with the support of EBN, will put together the most experienced public and private organizations and individuals in Albania with the aim to help entrepreneurs, practitioners and SMEs to address challenges and opportunities by improving their links to national value chains and to improve their access to information, technology, funds and skills. Digital Industries cover the key parts of the ICT economy: computer hardware, software, ecommerce and wireless services.

The Cluster’s events will be held in support to the preparatory actions for the partnership establishment and shaping of new Strategic Cluster Partnerships (SCPs). The Cluster will define the expected results and deliverables are the partnership agreement, an internationalization strategy plan and an implementation roadmap.

  • Conference
  • Triple Helix
    The Triple Helix thesis is that the potential for innovation and economic development in a Knowledge Society lies in a more prominent role for the university and in the hybridisation of elements from university, industry and government to generate new institutional and social formats for the production, transfer and application of knowledge. This vision encompasses not only the creative destruction that appears as a natural innovation dynamics (Schumpeter, 1942), but also the creative renewal that arises within each of the three institutional spheres of university, industry and government, as well as at their intersections.
    The Innovation Hub will serve to participants the best cost efficiency solution by proposing a full range of services and events to a heterogeneity needs spectrum.
  • Knowledge Center
    Knowledge Center is a meeting place for IT professionals who share common professional interests. Participants can consume information, exchange expertise and experience, and build new understanding through collaboration.

    A wide range of disciplines and practices powers this regional professional community, making it a truly unique and holistic resource.