About Us

The Innovation HUB Tirana project is being developed by the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration (MIAP) together with two major partners, the Barleti Institute for Research and Development (BIRD) and Partners Albania (PA), in the framework of Italian – Albanian Debt for Development Swap Program (IADSA).

The project´s objective is to promote and support the social inclusion and sustainable employment programmes for young people by enhancing their active involvement both in the ICT entrepreneurship, as well as in creative, innovative and competitive actions through capacity building, partnership development and growth of entrepreneurial activity, start-ups and SMEs.

The Innovation HUB intends to change the actual situation by creating an incubator with the goal to enable the innovation community to develop market accepted ideas that have scalable commercial potential by fostering collaboration among the SMEs and ICT innovative people and by introducing business and financing expertise to through training, coaching, and pitching.


To be the leader for the delivery of technical support, advisory and information services to the enterprises for the facilitation of an enabling environment which will encourage the growth and development of the successful organizations in Albania.


A centre of services and researches with the professional competence and commitment to deliver relevant and reliable services, information and advice to enterprises on all aspects of business resulting in increased competitiveness, higher levels of success and sustainability.

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Address: Rruga Papa Gjon Pali, 2, Tirana, Albania
E-mail: [email protected]


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