Innovation Ideas

Innovation Cv
When submitting your CV for a job application, you often wonder how much a degree or an experience influences the opinion of the potential employer. In fact, it happens to many persons to send several applications before actually being able to obtain a job. The personal efforts and the time spent on exploring the job market and hiring companies are normally considerable. This process is tiresome and sometimes fruitless, so that better ways to approach the market can be envisaged. A possible approach, which can be named as Innovation CV, is the following. Your CV is enriched with the theoretical or practical innovations that you have actually developed during your career or your free time and especially those which you want to submit to the attention of the employers for potential implementation. You can then submit it to people or organizations, according to the circumstances or the strategies that you choose. It is a way to portrait yourself in a different way, which should also interest hiring organizations, since information and data concerning a crucial factor such as innovation are added to your CV. It is a way to facilitate the flow of what can be considered as one of the most important competitive asset in the world today, which is innovation.
The main objective is to create a webpage, with my 2-pages CV as an example, in order to offer the possibility to people and organizations to benefit from that. As mentioned before, it intends to benefit job searchers and employers as well.
EDIC, the Enterprises Development and Innovation Center, located at Marin Barleti University will promote the implementation of the overall initiative. EDIC, with the technical support of the Information Technology department of the University will manage a website where the Innovation CV is placed. The section of the Innovation CV will be integrated with an area/mechanism where job seekers and companies can become members and using the database can find the solutions to meet their hiring need and an initial search for innovations.
We will also approach international human resources companies, such as Adecco, Manpower, Innovative Staffing, etc., in order to offer the database services. It should be highlighted that Marin Barleti University also offer professional training, language learning and cultural education to students, so that an integrated support will be provided, at least for its students.
Partnerships with hiring companies will enable either internships or jobs abroad for students and other job-seekers.
Such an activity will be also facilitated by the future positive market developments in the growing sector of employment mediation.

A bank account belonging to EDIC will be indicated as a simple way to contribute. The bank account will be open to payment of a fee only by private companies and other organizations, which benefitted from this new innovative CV concept which facilitate the flow of innovation. The funds collected will be utilized in order to support the Enterprises Development and Innovation Center and develop future activities in the sector of innovation promotion, implemented together with people who submitted his CVs.