Enterprise soft skills

The center has in put in place a flexible delivery format, from one day training sessions to courses lasting several months. The processes involved can take place either in the BTTC premises, or alternatively, at client or other premises that are suitable for the training purposes and which better fit with the clients’ Human Resources’ strategy and policies.

IT Training

IT training programs consist of tracks and individual certification course options designed to give service users skills and knowledge in order to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace. There is a growing demand for this kind of professional certified training in information and communications technology.

English Language Training

During the academic year 2012, BTTC will start offering new study programs to increase the level and scope of English acquisition and proficiency in Albania. The aim of the English Language Training and Testing program is to:

  • Help Albanian students prepare for internationally recognized English language exams, which are recognized and accredited by the Albanian Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Help Albanian students raise their level of English language proficiency and enable them to take the relevant English exam.
  • Run English ‘crash courses’ to help Albanian high school students take the English state exam.
  • Help various specialists familiarize themselves with the relevant terminology and literature in English.

Management Skills Training

Through a wide selection of training offers, the Centre’s customized New Horizons Business Skills courses provide companies and individuals with the training skills they need and offer solutions to professional issues of career development such as management, leadership, sales and customer services, finance and human resources.

The Business Skills Training meets the training needs of students in technology and, complemented by the parallel offer of English language training, together provides an integrated learning solution.