Resonant Voices Regional Hackathon

Resonant Voices Regional Hackathon

Do you have an idea that can help tackle dangerous narratives and messages disseminated online in the Western Balkans?

Join forces with other activists, designers, developers and researchers from the #WesternBalkans to counter violent extremist propaganda and recruitment online.
Apply now to the #RVHackathon in Durrës, Albania!


CIJA US joined forces with BIRN and Talks 2.0, to challenge extremist narratives in the public discourse throughout the Western Balkans – in particular those disseminated online – and to equip critical voices in the target countries with the skills, know-how and resources to counter radicalization, the recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters and violent extremists and other dangerous trends. It will empower a diverse group of civil society actors – activists, journalists, bloggers, educators and other online (and offline) influencers – to become the resonant voices, able to counter violent extremism, to push back against extremist propaganda and to increase and amplify alternative, positive messages.