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Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do

Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do

Microsoft acquired the popular mobile to do list application Wunderlist back in 2015, and now it’s preparing users for its eventual demise with the release of its new application “To-Do,” announced today. The new app was built by the team behind Wunderlist, and will bring in the favorite elements of that app in the months ahead, Microsoft says. The company also added that it won’t shut down Wunderlist until it’s confident that it has “incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do.”

In case you’re hoping Wunderlist will get some sort of reprieve, Microsoft makes its forthcoming demise pretty clear. Stating its plans in black-and-white: “we will retire Wunderlist,” it says in a blog post.  

In the meantim...

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$9 billion startup Stripe

$9 billion startup Stripe is automating the complicated process of starting a company

When Stripe Atlas launched a year ago, it wanted to level the playing field for entrepreneurs in emerging markets so that they could have access to the same tools as people in Silicon Valley.

Now the $9 billion payments company has realized that Atlas is something entrepreneurs throughout the United States want too.

Atlas automates the complicated process of starting a company into a filling out a short web form. Atlas then takes care of incorporating a company in Delaware, setting up a US bank account with a tax ID number, and creating a Stripe account so they can accept payments.

“We wanted to see if we could help entrepreneurs in emerging markets to be on the same playing field as Silicon Valley star...

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Too Late To Start? A timeline infographic of founder age.

Too Late To Start? A timeline infographic of founder age.

The timeline infographic is the most universal infographic template of all. No matter who you are, we all go through time the same. All humans experience time. It’s the only thing we can’t stop, change, or slow down. In this timeline infographic , I am looking at the timeline of success.

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Smart Keyboard App

Smart keyboard app monitors typing, predicts emotion

Using affective computing, the Cornell Tech team’s Keymochi emotion-predicting keyboard app is being developed for eventual commercial and healthcare use. A working prototype has been developed based on the development team’s own exaggerated emotional data, and the predictive accuracy is already 82 percent. The app works by monitoring a user’s typing speed, phone movements, punctuation and general sentiment of the message, whether text or email. Data is encrypted, and the app only saves the way in which a message was typed, not the content.
With small changes in fac...
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Apple Watch

Apple Watch stand turns your favorite wearable into a mini Macintosh

Christmas is over, but a $15 silicone smartwatch stand could still stuff your stockings if you’re one of millions of lazy people who have yet to take them down.

The Elago W3 stand looks like a miniature Macintosh and works with Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watches (both 38mm and 42mm versions). The simple device was designed to support Apple’s nightstand mode, allowing you to use it as an alarm clock on your bedside table by just slipping the watch bands into the dedicated slot. It looks like a legitimate (albeit tiny) Macintosh, and even comes equipped with the floppy drive cutout.

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Motion Graphics with Cinema 4D & After Effects Training

Motion Graphics with Cinema 4D & After Effects Training

About training

People are fascinated by professional ads which have a unique visual and animation style, yet making them happen takes a lot of knowledge in 3D animation and motion graphics. This training will give the participants an opportunity to get technical knowledge on software while preparing them to enter the world of advanced principles of animation, video, typography and graphic style for TV or Social Media.


As the Motion Graphics industry has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years, and the need for skilled designers in this field has been seen in the local market as well, this course will bring to its students the skill set needed to perform a full project from scratch to finish.

Amazing, yet very sim...

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The 2014 edition of the Incubateur Descartes call for projects’ competition was launched on October 15th with a deadline to submit applications on November 30th.

The CfP focuses on 3 themes:

  • Green and sustainable city
  • Digital services
  • Health and wellness.

The best projects will be offered incubation services of the innovative company creation project and a financial support to share with a total value of 150,000 euros. The 1st prize for projects having a strong adaptation to climate change or climate impact is sponsored by the Climate KIC France Acceleration programme.

The competition is open to individuals who plan to create a startup and businesses created after January 1st, 2013.

The application file is available on request at conco...

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frontierCities has €4m in funding available for start ups, SMEs and web entrepreneurs to develop smart mobility applications.

Applicants should develop an application using FIWARE that targets the need of a European City in the area of smart mobility.

The applications open on November 20th and close on January 12th. The applications take place in a two-step process. Step one is a very simple 5 question application form and takes no more than 15 minutes to apply. If you are successful at step one, you will be invited to step two to submit a more details application around march.

For more information contact [email protected]

To apply go to


This is an opportunity for you, as a BIC, to pr...

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25 SMEs will be offered €4000 to participate in the Intelligent Transport System Congress 2015, in addition to exhibition space and coaching to make the most of the opportunity.

Capital High Tech, an EBN member, is involved in a H2020  – Galileo project called JUPITER coordinated by the Aerospace Valley cluster, aiming at promoting the use of European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS) in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector in Europe and worldwide. The project is launching a call for candidates (open to all nationalities: Europe and worldwide) targeting SMEs: 25 SMEs developing or having already developed a solution (product or service) using EGNSS for the ITS sector will be selected and rewarded with, notably, a financial support (4000€) to attend the ITS Worl...

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EBN – the innovation network – is running a half day workshop for universities, incubators, accelerators, and other intermediaries interested in learning more about EU fundingprogrammes and how to access opportunities.

Additionally, EBN will present its quality certification programme that helps intermediaries present their services to stakeholders, investors and clients.

International networking is a key part of any business in today’s globalised economy. Find out how to connect to over 250 trusted partners across Europe and beyond.

More information from Jenny Reynolds at [email protected]

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