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Europe’s Surprising Tech Success

Europe’s Surprising Tech Success

BRUSSELS – Europe is often viewed as a digital laggard, running far behind the frontier-pushing United States and Asia. But appearances are deceiving. In fact, according to a new report by the London venture capital firm Atomico, European startups are now taking the lead in artificial intelligence, building new tech hubs, and drawing investment from traditional industrial stalwarts. Last year, a record-setting $13.6 billion was invested in Europe’s tech sector, compared with $2.8 billion in 2011.

Gone are the days when Europe’s “tech” sector largely comprised consumer-oriented e-commerce businesses – often blatant knockoffs of successful US companies...

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Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do

Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do

Microsoft acquired the popular mobile to do list application Wunderlist back in 2015, and now it’s preparing users for its eventual demise with the release of its new application “To-Do,” announced today. The new app was built by the team behind Wunderlist, and will bring in the favorite elements of that app in the months ahead, Microsoft says. The company also added that it won’t shut down Wunderlist until it’s confident that it has “incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do.”

In case you’re hoping Wunderlist will get some sort of reprieve, Microsoft makes its forthcoming demise pretty clear. Stating its plans in black-and-white: “we will retire Wunderlist,” it says in a blog post.  

In the meantim...

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$9 billion startup Stripe

$9 billion startup Stripe is automating the complicated process of starting a company

When Stripe Atlas launched a year ago, it wanted to level the playing field for entrepreneurs in emerging markets so that they could have access to the same tools as people in Silicon Valley.

Now the $9 billion payments company has realized that Atlas is something entrepreneurs throughout the United States want too.

Atlas automates the complicated process of starting a company into a filling out a short web form. Atlas then takes care of incorporating a company in Delaware, setting up a US bank account with a tax ID number, and creating a Stripe account so they can accept payments.

“We wanted to see if we could help entrepreneurs in emerging markets to be on the same playing field as Silicon Valley star...

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Robots Take Over – The Apparel Production

First large scale shoe robot factory unveiled: Adidas will use machines in Germany instead of humans in Asia to make shoes.

Adidas, the German maker of sportswear, has announced it will start marketing its first series of shoes manufactured by robots in Germany from 2017. More than 20 years after Adidas ceased production activities in Germany and moved them to Asia, Adidas unveiled the group’s new prototype “Speedfactory” in Germany. As of this year, the factory will begin large-scale production. What’s more, Adidas will also open a second Speedfactory in the U.S. in 2017, followed by more in Western Europe. According to the company, the German and American plants will in the “mid-term” each scale up to producing half a million pair of shoes per year.


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App-controlled, vertical farming for limited indoor space

App-controlled, vertical farming for limited indoor space

New smart farming system CityCrop is a vertical hydroponics set-up that allows growers to make best use of limited space and monitor their plants via app.

For city dwellers worldwide, finding space to grow their own herbs, vegetables and flowers is a near-constant search. Athens-based CityCrop has created a smart solution. Using vertical hydroponics (a growing system based on water, not soil), growers can farm a variety of crops indoors and with minimal square footage. The vertical farm is completely climate controlled, uses LED lights to promote rapid growth and connects to the app with wifi, making it easy for farmers to manage their crops remotely.

The app provides full control over the care of the plants, allowing for adjustment...

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13 International Cities Perfect for Business Expansion

13 international cities perfect for business expansion

If you have a product or skill with the potential to benefit thousands, or even millions more, it doesn’t make sense to confine your business to a single community. It’s not unlikely, then, for an entrepreneur to crave more. In this aspect, the world is their oyster.

But how do you choose a city with the right conditions that will provide ample opportunities for success?

Fear not! We’ve scoured the ends of the Earth for the perfect spots to call home for your business. This isn’t your traditional one to 10 scale of definitive criteria, but mixes the expected with the soul of a go-getter. Whether you’re a nomadic at heart or crave a tight-knit community, here are 13 amazing locales every entrepreneur should consider expanding to...

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Intel buys Mobileye in $15.3B

Intel buys Mobileye in $15.3B deal to expand in self-driving tech

First they partnered, and now comes the acquisition: the computing giant Intel has confirmed that it is acquiring Mobileye, a leader in computer vision for autonomous driving technology, for $15.3 billion — the biggest-ever acquisition of an Israeli tech company.

Specifically, “Under the terms of the agreement, a subsidiary of Intel will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Mobileye for $63.54 per share in cash, representing a fully-diluted equity value of approximately $15.3 billion and an enterprise value of $14.7 billion,” the company noted in a statement.

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25 best battery-life laptops

The top 25 laptop battery life performers from CNET Labs

The most important feature for many laptop shoppers is battery life, and rightly so.

Based on the extensive battery testing conducted in the CNET Labs, these are the 25 PCs with the longest battery-life scores that we’ve seen over the previous 12 months.

Check the list: Top 25 Laptop Battery Life Performers

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The Sinclair C5 is reborn

The Sinclair C5 is reborn:

1980s electric tricycle gets 21st century update from inventor’s nephew

The Iris E-Trike will cost £3,499 and up CREDIT: GRANT SINCLAIR

It is remembered as one of the biggest disasters in technology history and the moment when a celebrated inventor pushed the boundaries too far, but the Sinclair C5 is set for a comeback.

The electric tricycle developed by Sir Clive Sinclair has been reborn by his nephew, 32 years after its predecessor first went on sale.

The original C5 was seen as a revolutionary electric vehicle that could reach speeds of 15mph, and at £399 would be a cheap way to get around, exempt from road tax and insurance.

More info on:

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Learn, Teach and Make with the Tinusaur

A small board with a tiny chip on it that comes as an assembly kit – a package with parts so you get the chance to learn how to solder it. The circuit is so simple that there are few things that could go wrong. It’s been around for 3 years and used in schools and universities to educate young people in both hardware and software. With this campaign, you could help us produce more of the Tinusaur boards, bring the cost down to $3 per basic board and allow more people to be able to get them.

This is the Tinusaur Board

The Tinusaur is a small board with a tiny chip on it.

It comes as an assembly kit – a small package with parts.

The Tinusaur is powered by the Atmel ATtiny85 microcontroller.

This circuit is so simple that there are very few things that could go wrong.

We want to make i...

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